A dream comes true

Nigerian girl True Story

Zolekha, 15 year old Nigerian girl

Zolekha was born blind suffering from bilateral calcified mature cataract. A cataract is the clouding of the eye lens, which if left untreated causes vision impairment and eventually blindness. But she was gifted with outstanding genius. Yet, sometime, melancholy would prevail on her. Her loving father could not see her in gloomy mood.

When her father came to know about the Free Eye camp conducted by POB Trust in collaboration with FIMA Save Vision, he at once brought Zolekha. I operated her right eye first day and left eye on fifth day. When the bandages were removed.


She exclaimed with joy,

I can see so clearly. I can now do everything easily. I play with my younger brothers and sister and also guide them, as the oldest. Now I want to be an eye doctor.


She saw first time her parts of body. Her father was deeply moved by this impressive success. He kissed my hands. Later, POB Trust doctors presented gifts to Zolekha. She was very happy with Pakistani ophthalmologists.