A Glimpse of Hope

NarratorDr Intzar Hussain Butt

A glimpse of hope can cast away the shadows of darkness


A seven year old happy Sudanese boy was playing with his fellows outside his home. The place was replete with bushes having thorns. Unluckily, he ran chasing the ball towards the bushes. Long pointed thorns badly injured his both eyes.


He lost his sight.


He made the habit of looking downwards to the ground. Even while talking, he kept bowing his head rather than making eye contact.


We implanted intraocular lens in his one eye, since the second eye was not curable.


It is impossible to describe how exciting this was, when the bandage was removed, he for the first time, at age 18, raised his head and saw leaves and branches on trees.


Light fixtures appeared to float, birds flying on the beautiful blue sky.