Blind Lady with crippled legs

Narrator Abdul Maalik Hashmi

It was a busy morning at the Jaranwala free eye camp. A large number of patients had gathered at the registration counter.


Suddenly, I saw an old lady with her both legs crippled. Most amazingly she was moving her torso from one small stool to another. In this way, she got access to the registration counter.


I approached that 60 years old Jannat bibi, a very self reliant and hopeful lady.


Jannat bibi shared her story from blindness to eyesight. She told me that she would never see her children and grand children especially her new born grand daughter. She would never see her first smile. She won’t be able to do her various forms of handiwork. She won’t see the anticipation and enjoyment of Eid celebration or wedding parties of her relatives. She thought that she will, indeed, miss a lot that we take for granted.


She told me, but when I thought about the greater blindness. What about those who, with physical vision, never really see what life is all about?


I know people who are in the darkness of sin, being blinded by the Allah of this world and ignorance.” Added Jannat bibi,”

However, nature had not shut the door on me. I am grateful to Allah the almighty that who send POB Trust doctors to cure me.


She was offered free eye surgery in a nearby free eye camp in Hameeda Yousuf Welfare Hospital, Jaranwala.


The POB Family is proud to have come together to help Jannat bibi. She was given the power of sight and now she has discovered the joy of seeing blessings of Allah.


She was extremely happy that she will be able to recite The Holy Qur’an with her both eyes.


Last year POB team operated her one eye and this year (October, 12, 2009) she had another successful operation of IOL implant at Jaranwala free eye camp for the other eye.


Her face glowed with gratitude when she met Dr. Riaz Ahmed, who performed the surgery of her first eye last year. It was heartening to see her once again finding her path by herself without any assistant.