Outreach Eye Camps

Free Eye Camps a great success!

Ever since its inception Prevention of Blindness Trust (POB Trust), has gained momentum with the aim to provide free diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. This can be observed with number of camps held by POB in deprived and remote areas across the country and worldwide. The medicines to outdoor patients are given absolutely free of cost. Numerous free spectacles have been distributed to the poor patients. Besides, a large number of cataract blinds are operated upon and implanted with Intra Ocular Lenses (IOL) to restore their vision. Treatments for minor eye ailments are also provided free of cost. Special pre operative and post operative care is taken for patients.

“A dedicated outreach team of POB doctors comprising of ophthalmologists and ophthalmic technologists visit the camp. All the patients examined in OPD are provided with medicines, glasses if prescribed whereas the complicated cases are referred to various hospitals. Patients selected for surgery are forwarded to locally established laboratory of POB Trust for investigation, detail preoperative examination, completion of admission process, biometry, pre operative preparation and brought to the fully equipped operation theater established at the camp place for required surgical procedures by POB Trust.”
Apart from this, POB Trust has treated more than 470,000 patients and conducted more than 45,000 eye surgeries so far. The POB Trust has arranged, so far, 228 free eye camps in 36 districts of across the country. In addition to this, through 15 free eye camps, around 9 thousands patients have been treated in 12 prisons of Pakistan. Thank God, with support of sponsors, a large number of patients, mostly infirmed, aged and blind for several years due to cataract have received the Gift of Sight.

In a dedicated effort to assist in the restoration of vision, we invite all of you to participate in this beneficial and benevolent effort. We would be very grateful to you sharing with us in this noble cause of serving ailing humanity in restoring sight. It is a matter of great pleasure that due to your collaboration, POB Trust has achieved remarkable success in restoring eye sight. So let not humanity suffer. We invite you to contribute in saving the sight with POB Trust.