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Ethical Eye care trainings

Ethics address conduct and relate to what behavior is appropriate or inappropriate, as reasonably determined by entity setting the ethical standards. An issue of ethics in ophthalmology is resolved by determination that the best interests of patients are served. POB Trust educates eye specialists through its ethical training workshops to provide ophthalmic services with compassion, respect for human dignity, honesty and integrity. Similarly, an ophthalmologist must maintain competence. Competence involves technical ability and ethical concerns of the patients. POB Trust has arranged three workshops for the subject purpose so far.

Eye care Trainings

Across the world, there is a wide disparity in the distribution and availability of human resources to address eye care needs at different levels of service delivery. In some countries, there are fewer ophthalmologists per population unit. In other areas, there is a virtual absence of other cadres of eye care workers—optometrists and opticians, nurses and nursing aides and technicians. Even in countries where the numbers are adequate, they are restricted mainly to urban centers, with practically no expertise or service available in rural areas. Therefore, in this prospective, POB Trust has recognized a need for human resource development not only to ensure appropriate eye care of the most complicated cases but also to ensure effective eye care delivery to the remotest rural areas.

 So as to fill the large gap between the demand and availability of eye care workers with the relevant skills and knowledge, complemented by an attitude of compassion and caring, POB Trust has conducted more than 18 training programs in 4 countries around the world. Over the years, more than 300 eye care professionals have been trained. A larger number of training programs have been organized to enhance the skills of already qualified professionals. The aim of POB Trust is ultimately to train an ophthalmic technician to provide a comprehensive eye care service.

POB Trust, thus, provides a unique training ground for all cadres of eye care workers, from ophthalmologists to optometrists to other paramedical and administrative cadres in the eye care service delivery chain.

Higher Surgical Trainings
Higher Surgical Trainings
Ophthalmologists (Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh) 18
Course contents Phacoemulsification, Oculoplasty
Doctors 350